Omega Jones makes his way north for his first Breakout!

Omega Jones, with a raised eyebrow stares thoughtfully into the camera - shadows and light play the mischievous game across their body in this beautifully taken photo.

Omega Jones

Omega Jones, also known as the Critical Bard, is a professional actor and vocalist from the Midwest. A proud member of Actor's Equity Association, he had a focus on live musical theatre & performance until he switched to being a full time content creator on Twitter & Twitch. As a TTRPG professional, he has worked with many companies including Wizards of the Coast, World of Darkness, and created the theme song for Critter Hug, a signal boosting monthly show produced by Critical Role.

He has been seen on a plethora of TTRPG actual plays including Into The Mists (Noggins) with Realmsmith, New Pantheon: Academia (Kwame) with Saving Throw Show, & KOllOK (God of Purity) on FearHQ. His focus in content creation revolves around variety, equitable inclusion, and activism. He is the creator and moderator of the #BLACKAFRoundtable, a series of talks about the realities of racism with the tabletop space & community. He is one of the designers for Into The Motherlands, an afrofuturistic TTRPG. Some hosting credits include The Weekly with Twitch Gaming & Twitch Rivals: Pride Month Invitational ft. Lil_Lexi.

He has appeared as a special guest in many spaces, including VirtuousCon, PAX East, DragonCon, PAX Unplugged, GenCon, & more. He was chosen as one of the QueerInGames finalists for this work as a queer activist in the content creative space, was featured as a face of Twitch Pride 2021, & was a 2022 GaymingAward nominee for LGBTQ+ Streamer of the Year. As a partnered Twitch streamer, he strives for continued black and queer representation & urges folk to keep making treble wherever they go because it is up to us to shake up this broken system, one Treblemaker at a time.