Tickets and Merchandise

  • Combo pass of all three days!

  • Single Day pass – Saturday option is $5 more.

  • Combo pass of any two days – Saturday option is $5 more.

  • Single day pass only for a child age 9 to 15. Must be accompanied by a participating parent/guardian

  • Combination of up to 5 people, 1-3 Adult passes and the remaining Youth passes.

  • Free Pass only for a child age 8 and under. Must be accompanied by a participating parent/guardian

  • What’s better than attending a gaming con? Attending two gaming cons! Yes, two great local cons are collaborating to bring you a special badge deal on attending both Breakout in March 2020 and GrandCon in September 2020. 

    GrandCon, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan (which is about six hours drive from Toronto), is having it’s eighth event in September of 2020. GrandCon is a family friendly show offering a wide range of tabletop gaming options from board games to roleplaying. A large variety of publishers, game designers, and artists are on hand to shop and visit, along with various seminars and gaming tournaments to challenge all styles of play. If you’re looking for tabletop gaming choices, GrandCon has one of the best board game libraries with over 1800 titles and growing along with hundreds of events to participate in while in attendance!

    Like Breakout, GrandCon is strongly focused on providing a safe, diverse and inclusive space for all its attendees. For more details on GrandCon, check out their site:

  • Watch the Skies - The Megagame of Alien Terror

    Mysterious and threatening aliens have arrived suddenly on Earth. The major nations of the Earth and the United Nations must decide how to react to their arrival – either to work together for mutual protection, adopt an isolationist policy, or perhaps even to welcome the new Reticulan overlords.

    This is a special pass required for the Megagame being held on Sunday, March 22nd. 

  • Date:
    Thursday, March 19
    7 - 11pm

    Come start Breakout Con 2020 with a bang at our Breakout Pre-Party hosted at the iconic Storm Crow Manor. Meet some of our featured guests and make some new future gaming buddies under the watchful gaze of Cthulhu. Get some games in as you knock back a Romulan Ale or ButterBeer, and enjoy the catered spread of gastropub delicacies. There will also be prizes to be won, because who doesn't like swag?

    This is a 19+ event and space is limited.


    There will be a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food options to accommodate as many dietary restrictions as possible. If you have a specific food allergy concern, please let us know via email or social media and we will inquire with Storm Crow Manor for you.

    • Chickpea Fries
    • Deep Fried Pickles
    • Beef Sliders
    • Nachos
    • Mac n' Cheese Balls
    • BBQ Jackfruit Sliders
    • Chicken n' Waffles
    • Meatballs
    • Assorted Desserts
  • Breakout is excited to be hosting another Keyforge sealed-deck tournament this year. KeyForge is a unique deck game from the magical mind of Richard Garfield. Gather Æmber, battle enemy creatures, and forge keys to unlock vaults of incredible power—playing with a deck that is 100% unique to you! The decks and prizes are all from the latest expansion, Worlds Collide!

    The event takes place Sunday, March 22, 10:00am - 2:00pm. See the Event listing for more details

    Note that there is a separate $15 ticket charge that must be purchased in addition to any regular Breakout pass in order to participate in this tournament.

    Entrants will receive a sealed pack which is included with the cost of the ticket.