Miniature Painting

Painting Workshop

We are happy to present the Painting Workshop at Breakout again this year! Overseen by a power duo of industry professionals, you’ll have a chance to sit with them and learn all kinds of new techniques to get those drab and unexciting-to-look-at miniatures to the table with a paint job to be proud of!

Tristan Frenette-Ling is one of three brother owners of a painting studio called Four Realms of Chaos. Their award-winning service is located in Markham, Ontario and they take painting commissions from all over the globe.

They have lined an amazing selection of painting workshop events for each day of Breakout, so check out the schedule and sign up while spots are available.

Open Miniature Painting Drop-In

Come by and try your hand at painting miniatures! Bring your own miniatures and supplies, or use ours - miniatures, paints, and brushes will be provided. Get one-on-one advice and support from an experienced miniature painter and learn tips and tricks to get your miniatures tabletop-worthy. A special thanks to CMON Games and Army Painter for providing miniatures and supplies.

Painting Fundamentals - Beginner Lessons

Want to stop playing games with grey miniatures? This is the perfect way to learn the fundamentals of miniature painting while also practicing those skills in this hands-on class. From brush care, model preparation, and painting techniques, you'll walk out of this class with a miniature ready to be played with on the table.

Painting Capes & Clothes - Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Lesson with Tristan

Sculpted cloth may come in resin, plastic or pewter, and it can be a challenge to make it look like fabric. If you're looking for ways to improve the look of painted cloth, this class can help you level up your cloth game so your miniatures' cloaks never look drab in the future.

Mastering Colour Theory - Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Lesson with Tristan

Having trouble painting a tricky colour? You'll get specific guidance to help you make those colours pop on your miniature with practical advice for mixing, blending, and highlighting those challenging colours.

Speed Painting Contest

How well can you paint a miniature in an hour? In this lighthearted competition, try your hand at painting miniatures under extreme time limitations. Full contest rules will be made available at the Miniature Painting area.