The Executive Team

Peter Lipson in front of a cinderblock wall

Pete L.

Logistics & Operations,

An avid gamer since youth, Pete’s interest in the hobby increased tremendously after being introduced, like so many, to D&D. Shortly thereafter, his passion for tabletop gaming grew as countless hours were spent with friends playing a variety of board gaming titles. Since co-founding the Toronto Area Boardgaming Society (TABS) in 2004, Pete has seen the board gaming community grow tremendously and flourish, and ultimately this led to a decision to establish a multi-day convention dedicated to tabletop gaming called Breakout, which he co-founded in 2016.

Without question, his interaction with this expansive community of gaming enthusiasts and the many new friends that have come from it, has been one of his greatest pleasures, all the more so, on those occasions when he can find time to sit down, play and socialize with them.

Chris O.

Christopher Ono

Boardgames Hall Manager,

Christopher Ono is an architectural designer and manager whose love of boardgames, graphic design and history has translated into a variety of activities within the table-top gaming community. He is founder and current organizer of the Canucks Amuck monthly wargaming meet-up, does freelance graphic art and scenario design work for game publishers and has been a member of the Toronto Area Boardgaming Society steering committee for eight years.

He’s happiest socializing around a gaming table, learning new and innovative games and making little “pew-pew” and explosion noises when his cardboard and plastic minions make war.

Yvonne R.

Yvonne R.


A big kid at heart, Yvonne (she/her) has been playing board games for most of her life and, courtesy of the pandemic, has also become involved in several RPG campaigns. Thanks to her wonderful neurodivergent brain, she has many “favourite” games, but prefers those that involve peaceful strategy, cooperative gameplay, elegant tactile elements, intricate problem solving, and an engaging narrative. She also loves any game that enables her to seamlessly accommodate her knitting endeavors while participating.

As an educator specializing in high school mathematics, science, and business disciplines, Yvonne has been inspired by the power of games to motivate students, reinforce educational concepts, and cultivate social connections. Beyond the confines of the classroom, she deeply appreciates how tabletop gaming serves as a vehicle for bringing people together and fostering a sense of community. Within her responsibilities as a member of the Breakout Con team, Yvonne will be exploring opportunities to create even more welcoming, inclusive, and safe spaces for all boardgamers, particularly those who identify as female.

David Kingsmill

David Kingsmill

Events Schedule,

David Kingsmill has been a gamer and a storyteller almost all of his life, and works for Toronto-based video game developer Massive Damage as a content designer with a focus on narrative. He got into board games in the early 2010s, and went deep into the hobby fast, rapidly discovering a love for playing both group competitive and cooperative games, and perhaps most impactfully to him, playing solo.
He worked for many years at Snakes & Lattes in Toronto, teaching and recommending games to guests in the cafes, and creating the position of Industry Liaison, in which he formed a bond with Breakout Con which he continues in his role with the Breakout Con team.

He also created the podcast and Twitch stream Once Upon a Die, focusing on solo board games, RPGs and video games - he has had to unwillingly put it on hiatus, but plans are in motion for it to return.

Gary M.

Gary Milakovic

Events Schedule,

Gary is a writer, producer, and TTRPG organizer. With 7 years of training in theatre, two degrees in Egyptian History/Archaeology, and a decade of work in politics, he serves as the very definition of a jack of all trades.

Gary hosts a podcast on Dungeons & Dragons called The Cocked Die, is the lead organizer for Geekz United (a Toronto-based nerd social club,) and is the writer/producer/DM/errand boy for the Quest for the Cure D&D actual play charity series, which raised more than $31,000 for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research in just one year.

The Operations Team