Boardgame Hall and Library

Boardgaming is major part of the Breakout Convention, and The Dominion Hall is the hub of all the activity. Within the hall, there will be dozens of tables available for attendees to game at. Aside from boardgame events listed on the event schedule (to be posted soon!), the majority of the space is dedicated to gaming in an open, unscheduled format.

The Dominion Hall hours are: Fri 10 am - 11 pm, Sat 9 am - 11 pm, Sun 9 am - 5:30 pm


The idea is to keep it simple, allowing players to show up, grab a table, pull out a title that they want to play, and start gaming. Breakout will also have a large library of games on hand that attendees are welcome to sign-out and use while they are there.


Click here for our boardgame list


Got a huge game that never gets tabled due to space? Bring it along to Breakout. We’ll find a way to accommodate your gaming space needs so you can sit down and start playing! Any questions about table space requirements or other board game issues should be directed to the Hall Manager.


To sign out a game from our library, speak to one of our boardgame admin desk volunteers, and you’ll be asked to sign your name and the time on our sign-out sheet as well as provide a piece of identification or collateral (Driver’s license, student ID, health card, credit card, etc.). If you don’t have “official” ID, other types of collateral can be considered by the Hall Manager on a case-by-case basis. The ID or collateral must have the name or some sort of identifying information of at least one person who will be playing the game who will take responsibility for making sure the game is returned intact and on time.


Sign-out and ID/collateral entitles you to take and play the game anywhere in the convention rooms, whereas before we asked that library games remain in the Dominion room. In addition, you may now sign games out over night, giving you the chance to play games in the late night gaming spaces like City Hall, Mackenzie and Churchill rooms.


Games should be brought back after one play or one hour (whichever takes longer) to give other people an opportunity to play – you may not “monopolize” a game. If you sign out a game for late night play, we expect it to be returned as close to 9 AM as possible.


If you have any questions about the sign-out process or any of the games we have in our library, please ask any Breakout volunteer with a badge.


If you're looking to schedule a game ahead of time, we will be creating again a special thread on BoardGameGeek (BGG) so attendees can both post games looking for players and sign-up to games that are scheduled. Link pending for 2024.

The Breakout Boardgame Library


The current list of titles within the Breakout boardgame library are listed on the following list page.