Matt Staples and Eric Holden from The Goblin's Corner are coming to Breakout 2024!

Matt and Eric looking up contemplatively at The Goblin's Corner logo in the corner of the photo

Matt Staples and Eric Holden from The Goblin's Corner

Eric is an Atlanta artist, comedian, father figure to offspring and furry critters, and co-host of The Goblin’s Corner. Eric has been performing since he was old enough to speak and has carried this into every creative format, from various improv and live acts, to sketch comedy and gaming. With 30 plus years of running various table top games, he has extensive knowledge of both the industry and the performance art of storytelling overall. Eric can be seen in the wild building false idols to Godzilla, drinking coffee with abandon, and rolling 20 sided dice wherever fine products are sold.

Matt is a husband, long time geek enthusiast and storyteller, Cat herder, and cohost of the Goblin's Corner Podcast and YouTube channel. Matt has over 30 plus years of gaming experience; running adventures, world building, storytelling and playing. Additionally, he possesses the mutant ability to find the loophole in any system, which results in amusing gameplay and (oftentimes) frustrated storytellers. Matt can often be found roaming gaming conventions, clad in summer-wear and a bemused expression, while handing out rum to discerning palettes.