Brian Gray is coming to Breakout as a guest in 2024!

Brian smouldering into the camera, wearing a burgundy v-neck t-shirt, while smiling

Brian Gray

Brian Gray aka urbanbohemian (he/they) is a Black Queer writer, gamer, foodie, streamer, charitable fundraiser, comic book lover, cocktail connoisseur, stalwart brunch supporter, disco music aficionado and all-around Generation X geek having grown up through the introduction of video games–from arcades to home consoles to computer gaming–and loving every new innovation along the way.

As a streamer, he showcases a variety of game genres, dabbles in food and drink streams from the kitchen, takes place in virtual panels and roundtables, and has been in several tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) from charity one-shots to starring as Virgil in "Rivals of Waterdeep," one of the longest-running Dungeons & Dragons actual play shows, and De Ross in "Cyberpunk: Independence," a Cyberpunk RED actual play podcast and stream.

His approach to gaming and streaming is that everyone should have fun, whether it's GMs and their players, or streamers and their viewers! With a focus on finding games where representation and diversity is prominently woven into the content instead of an afterthought, he enjoys showcasing and featuring a wide variety of gaming genres and creative voices.

He was selected as a PAX Together Intersection Fellow for 2023's PAX Unplugged. He's been honored on Rainbow Game Jam's Queer In Games List, identifying 50 people in the industry whose efforts have made the industry a more welcoming and safer space for the LGBTQIA+ community.