Tatiana Gefter is joining Breakout 2024 as an RPG Guest

Tatiana in a white overcoat leans casually against a metal fence on a bridge overlooking a picturesque canal

Tatiana Gefter

Tatiana Gefter is an indie podcaster who haunts the audio drama and ttrpg spaces. Currently she is the writer, producer, and voice actor for 'Soul Operator', an actual play-narrative fiction blend focused on highlighting incredible solo ttrpgs! She can be heard as the voice of Violet Lull in 'The Department of Variance of Somewhere, Ohio', Marigold in 'Tales from the Fringes of Reality', and many more places if you dare to look! No stranger to classic actual plays, Tatiana is also known for her work in season two of queeRPG's 'Of Kith and Pen' and 'A Short Trip', a Triangle Agency one-shot with her fellow DOV cast members.