Alex Sierputowski returns as a board game guest

Alex looking dapper in a vibrant sport coat overtop of a white collared shirt, black tie and black vest

Alex Sierputowski

Alexander Sierputowski, founder of GameDirection, is a visionary in the gaming industry, based in Cleveland, Ohio. With a mission to "Make inclusive games through accessibility to create memorable experiences," Alex leads GameDirection in the game design process, publishing and marketing innovative games like "Snack Attack," "Dungeons and Dinos," and "Emberwind", "The Big Shuffle". His company offers comprehensive services in game design, graphic design, marketing, and printing, excelling in areas such as prototyping, playtesting, and marketing. Apart from GameDirection, Alex enhances his expertise through his printing company, specializing in customer communication and production management. His commitment to the gaming community is evident in his weekly Monday night meetups, promoting collaboration and inclusivity. Alex's leadership at GameDirection is marked by a dedication to crafting accessible, engaging gaming experiences for a diverse audience.