Bridgett Jeffries is a Guest of Honour at Breakout Con 2024!

Bridgett holding a d20 peering mysteriously into the camera.

Bridgett Jeffries

Bridgett Jeffries (she/her) works as Chaosium Inc.'s Community Coordinator, where she is an enthusiastically loud (very loud) coach, advocate, and cheerleader for community content creators. She also helps run Chaosium's Organized Play program, The Cult of Chaos. She's also a multi-bestselling creator on the program!

She is the founder and owner of Symphony Entertainment Gaming & Arts LLC, a horror club that focuses on horror-based TTRPG systems. You can catch her rambling (and hysterically laughing) on the Miskatonic University Podcast, where she and the other co-hosts discuss weird and horrific roleplaying games. When she’s not writing horror content, you can watch/listen to this ENnie Award-winning podcaster on various shows to include Chaosium’s Stream of Chaos, Ain’t Slayed Nobody, The Calyx, Red Moon Roleplaying, and more! Bridgett is a resident of Columbus, Ohio, USA. She has three dogs (Sony, Zoe, and Gabriel). They’re pretty cool. Actually, no… they’re awesome.