Industry Guest

Jesse Gazic

Jesse, sits in front of a cauldron that belches smoke and flows green, he holds a skull in his right hand and a tome in his left, and smiles impishly in a black velvet hat.

Jesse Gazic is a game designer and TTRPG writer, podcaster, and pro GM! He is a cast member on Many Realms, a multi-system actual play podcast produced in Toronto. He's written contributions for publishers like Hit Point Press, and in his spare time he runs learn-to-play sessions with the Toronto Public Library.

Sean Jacquemain

Sean looks to be seated at a sporting event, wearing a shirt that says home is toronto.

Sean Jacquemain is a Toronto-based photographer and board game expert. He is the Marketing Director for Kids Table Board Gaming and Burnt Island Games and previously founded The Daily Worker Placement blog.

Michael Prescott

Michael, standing in front of a non-descript grey brick wall, smiles casually, his eyes twinkling with a spot of mischief.

Michael Prescott is the ENnie-award winning writer and illustrator of Trilemma Adventures, a series of short-form fantasy adventures. When he's not tweeting silly campaign ideas, you can find him blogging about RPG theory, annotating actual play transcripts, or building out a growing family of short-form RPGs.

Brent Logan

A side profile of Brent, his well-manicured beard and chiseled jaw cut an imposing figure.

Brent is an intermediate teacher with the Toronto District School Board. He loves to play Dungeons and Dragons, X-Wing, and other tabletop games. He'll play anything once. Brent is the co-owner of Akinji Entertainment Inc. with his partner in crime Shiraz Sheikh. He is the author of Cataclysm: The RPG and is co-author of the expansion the Tome of Meowgic! You are guaranteed a great adventure if he is sitting at your table.

David Lombardo

A cartoon image of David, with double finger guns and wearing a d20 shirt with the 20 side facing out. His robust beard his a critical hit, and if it were a d20, it would show 20 on every side.

AwkwardTurtle Games is the pseudonym of David Lombardo: a photonics engineer by day, and an indie RPG writer by night. He loves to drop a whole handful of dice on the table, then divine the results to generate a new place for his players to explore. Creator of generators, adventures, modules, and even a few games in the new school revolution space.

Graham Gentz

Graham standing on the sidewalk, gesturing fervently to the camera and a sandwich board all at once. The sandwich board says "Free Maggot Bath" and the expression on Graham's face is a unique combination of horror, surprise, exhultation, and curiosity.

Graham Gentz (he/they) is a board game expert, game designer, educator, comic book writer, event facilitator, master dungeon master, and all-around bringer of fun. With over 20 years of experience for deep love in discovery and curation, Graham prides himself on finding the right game for every person and each occasion. From Albuquerque, NM to New York, NY, Graham has been a key staff member in board game cafes and libraries across the country, including Slice & Dice and Brooklyn Game Lab.

Chris O'Neill

Chris, looking very cool in designer sunglasses, cocks an eyebrow intensely, as if daring the camera to challenge him to a game. Over his right shoulder, mounted on the wall, is a circular maze...

Chris has been in the tabletop industry for over 25 years. He is a game designer, graphic artist, and the founder of 9th Level Games. Chris is best known for creating the cult classic Kobolds Ate My Baby, which just hit its 25th anniversary this year. ALL HAIL KING TORG! Additionally, he created and designed the polymorph system which is the foundation of 9th Level Games RPGs and used in Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying, Return to Dark Tower Fantasy Roleplaying, The Excellents, Rebel Scum, and many more. You can find him with his puppet companion Yeet or in deep discussion about nerd things.

B Marsollier

B placidly looking into the camera, her serene visage give the viewer the sense that all will be right in the world.

B Marsollier (she/her) is a Canadian podcast host, GM, illustrator, VO artist and fledgling game designer. As co-creator and co-GM of Planet Arcana (a D&D 5e-based audio drama/actual play podcast), B has been active in the TTRPG space for the past 3 years. In 2023, Planet Arcana received 9 awards nominations across two festivals, ultimately earning 2 “Best D&D Actual Play” awards, and 1 “Best GM” award alongside her co-host J Strautman. B is currently working on her first game “100% Modern Ghosts”, a ghost-documentation game that can be played solo or as a group.

Jake Noorman

Jake, holding a darth vader mug, eyes the camera with a cocksure grin behind a luxurious salt and pepper beard.

Jake Noorman, or MTD Jake as he is more commonly known, is a TTRPG DM/GM & player across his own and other channels. As Mini Terrain Domain he produces and GMs a weekly Pathfinder 2e campaign (Scribes & Scrolls), and a Kids on Bikes RPG (Welcome to Paradise, Michigan). He also produces a bi-weekly D&D 5e campaign (Skymetal: Iron Gods), a monthly Call of Cthulhu series (Mythos Investigators) all on the Mini Terrain Domain twitch channel. Additionally, he produces and plays in a monthly D&D 5e campaign on Nerdarchy’s YouTube channel (The Old Guard).

Ricky Wells

Ricky, wearing a paper half-mask of Spider-man's cowl, kneels precariously on a bannister, holding his hand out with his pinky and index finger extended, and his middle and ring fingers tucked into his hand, using an imaginary web-shooter.

Ricky Wells is an absurd contradiction of a person, a self-described introverted nihilist who cares about everything and enjoys hot-dogging in front of a crowd. His Pentecostal upbringing sparked his interest in the occult and subsequently a complete infatuation with science fiction and all things Lovecraftian. He is a family man who practices martial arts and an enthusiastic gamer who on any given night is looking up into the stars or down into the depths of his dark basement staircase for his next gaming hook.