Play to Win Boardgames

In addition to our growing Boardgame Library, Breakout has partnered with some amazing boardgame publishers to offer a Play to Win program!

Game publishers are providing copies of some of their popular titles for our attendees to check out of the Boardgame Library like any other game in our library, except when they finish playing everyone who has played in the game gets to fill out a ballot. So does the game teacher if they didn’t play in the game. On Sunday afternoon, we'll run a draw for each game and the winner takes home that copy of the game!

It’s a great opportunity to try new games, and maybe take one home!


Information for Publishers

Publishers! Get your games in on the Play to Win Fun!

This is a perfect system for publishers. Attendees play as many games as possible to increase their chances of winning at least one game at the end of the weekend. They play the games they’ve read about online. They play games that they’ve never heard of but look awesome. And they play games that they wouldn’t otherwise take the time to learn because there are lots of friendly people at game conventions who will teach them.

Only one person will win each game, leaving everyone else considering a new purchase. It’s much better than a giveaway or other kinds of contests, because it ensures your games get played. It’s really like a demo that runs itself, for the cost of one or more copies of your game. (The more the merrier!)

And we’ll be letting our onsite retailers know which games are in the play to win, to make sure they stock them for people to buy at the end of the convention, or direct them to their website to order when they've run out.

Contact David Bloomberg at if you’d like to get involved!