Industry Guest

Noora Rose Masyk

Noora Masyk smiles softly into the camera

Noora Rose Masyk (she/her) is a Canadian writer, editor, artist and publisher of tabletop role-playing games. She runs retail/distribution and publishes under Monkey's Paw Games and the Chapbook Co-Op as well as freelance writing for such publications as The Gauntlet, Rowan, Rook & Decard, Tide Breaker, R. Rook Studios, Plus One Experience, SoulMuppet Publishing, Project NERVES, Glowing Roots Press, and many others. Her titles of note include sword & planet fantasy UNCONQUERED, sci-fi capitalist hellscale Into the Black, and tarot-based journaling game Chalice.

Joshua Rosing

Josh Rosing smiling coyly at the camera, a blurred green background sits behind him, like an ephemeral forest from another world

Josh Rosing is a TTRPG content creator who has been playing, running, and designing for role-playing games including D&D, Fate, Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, and the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG since 2006. Through his company, Lone Colossus Games, he produces high-quality TTRPGs and supplements like Wyrmlings, Cyber//Core; HACK, and his previous Kickstarter Injuries & Vile Deeds, to inspire players to newer and greater heights in their games.

Julian Frid

Julian Frid smiles awkwardly at the camera, his facial expression looks uncertain about whether you liked the joke he just told

Julian Frid is an improvisor, teacher and DM. He's been doing long form improv in Toronto for over 15 years, mostly with his award winning theatre group Sex T Rex. He's been teaching improv to students just as long at Hart House, University of Toronto. A DM for over 10 years, Julian specializes in homebrew narrative and atmospheric gaming, now developing his own TTRPG called Sine.

Jason Ox

Jason Ox, wearing a while shirt haphazardly unbuttoned at the top stares deeply into the camera, trying to hypnotize everyone who's looking at him with his stare

Jason Ox is a comedian, producer, writer and designer based out of Toronto. He has produced long running improv shows like Pokeprov and Potterprov and has also done production at Ottawa and Montreal Comic Con. Currently he's been hard at work on the Sine TTRPG and developing and launching a TTRPG Youtube channel.

Shiraz Sheikh

Shiz Sheikh looks straight into the camera, in front of a chalkboard and technological equipment - it might be a classroom

Shiraz Sheikh is co-founder of Akinji Entertainment, a toronto-based publisher of original tabletop games including the recently released RPG: CATaclysm. Currently he is working on a tactical board game version of CATaclysm as well as his own RPG game engine.

Julien Legault

Julien Legault, with his chin on his hand, resembles Rodin's the thinker as he looks wistfully into the camera in front of a wall of framed art.

Julien is a tabletop RPG designer, writer, and artist. They are passionate about providing approachable experiences; they design games that are easy to dive into and create tools that make existing games, like Dungeons & Dragons, a little easier to learn. They also strive to bring authentic queer narratives into fantasy and science fiction. Their work is focused on finding unique ways to tell stories and finding hope and meaning in our dystopia.

Scott Kelly

A digital artists rendering of Scott Kelly - he is wearing a purple t-shirt, has a tight ponytail down to his shoulders, and a mischievous slanty grin.

Scott Kelly is a longtime gamer turned teacher who has been making up games and scenarios for other games since high school. In 2018, he teamed up with Bill Murphy to form BSGames and in 2020, they published their first game, Mathemagician's Duel. Scott brings games into his classroom and teaching as much as possible, while still coming up with more ideas of his own. BSGames currently has two more games ready for publishing, in addition to working on Mathemagician's Duel: Level 2.

Adam Giles

Adam Giles smiling softly at the camera, the corners of mouth tugging at his cheeks in an impish grin.

Adam Giles is the creator of Dice And Stuff, which creates, supports, and produces works of imaginative entertainment including short videos, podcasts, card games, board games and TTRPG’s. Adam has been a Game Master for over 25 years and has run and played in a multitude of systems and genre’s. He has an extensive background in drama and theatre and uses that experience in his games, creating vast worlds and stories.

Reed Mascola

Reed Mascola proudly holding a copy of Vigilante, a game of his own design

Reed Mascola (he/him) is a Canadian board game designer and founder of Paranoia Rising Games, a Publisher that specializes in bringing new types of social deduction games. His first release, Vigilante, was in March 2022 and features tableau-building, hand and action management, and social deduction. This year, he is working with Tin Robot Games to publish CATNIP: Auction House, a light bidding game, as well as a follow-up to Vigilante, Vigilante: Hidden Motives. Aside from designing a cat-themed game, Reed is a proud cat-dad and Torontonian