Health and Safety

With the convention coming up in two months and after much discussion amongst the team and with members of the community, we’ve decided on the health and safety policy that we’re going to implement at this year’s Breakout which is as follows:

All attendees must be fully masked at all times while within the convention designated areas. This is regardless of whether you are walking around or seated.

While proof of vaccination is not required, we strongly encourage attendees to get vaccinated with the latest shots. All worn masks must be large enough to completely cover the nose and mouth without gaping. A supply of extra masks will be available on site at the registration desk for those who need one.


Q: Why is Breakout’s policy more restrictive than current health and safety policies from either the Local or Provincial Health authorities?

A: Like many within our community, we’re excited to see the return of in-person gaming events like Breakout and we’ve been watching carefully how these large gatherings have played out both here in Canada and in the US. Despite the current improvement in lower numbers of hospitalized people due to Covid, it remains very much a pandemic and there are still real risks to people attending large gatherings in terms of catching the virus. As such, we feel that it’s vital to do everything we can to help mitigate those risks by putting these stricter measures in place.

Q. This policy seems unfair as the mask wearing restrictions are currently lifted in Ontario. Shouldn’t I be able to decide what’s right for me?

A. We appreciate that some who wish to attend the convention may find these policies too restrictive for them for whatever reason. While we respect the right of individuals to have the right to choose to wear a mask, a private business or event such as Breakout has the right to insist on mask wearing at their discretion.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our health and safety policy, please reach out to us at

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel - Cleaning Protocols

The Marriott hotel chain and the Sheraton in particular have implemented many new measures to improve health and safety practices in response to Covid-19. These can be found on their website here. The Sheraton has also provided a document on their 'Commitment to Clean' protocols at the hotel which can be viewed here.