Raiders of the North Sea


Do you have what it takes to be a Viking? There's only one way to find out in ... Raiders of the North Sea. Your rewards await you as you assemble a crew, grab a ship and set out to claim victory in this fun game for 2-4 players!

Your choices lie before you - work or raid? The key to any Vikings' successful attack on a harbor or fortress, is making sure you have enough provisions and crew. Place workers throughout the town to collect supplies and build your crew. And of course, what's more fun than raiding, pillaging and stealing plunder? Throughout the game, you'll be immersed in the Viking age with beautiful artwork and amazing quality components. Win the game through military strength, plunder and Valkyrie (victory points).

Will the Chieftain be impressed with your conquest? Grab your war ax and put on your helmet, the North Sea awaits! Raiders of the North Sea uses hand management, set collection and worker placement mechanics in this great Garphill Games, 2-4 player game.

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