ProtoTO at Breakout!

ProtoTO playtesting
13 Mar, 2018

Breakout is very excited to once again provide space for game designers to playtest their prototypes with other attendees. Local tabletop game design con, ProtoTO, is back to partner with us once more to manage this exciting and popular feature. Located just outside the Dominion Hall (boardgaming hall), there will be many tables set aside dedicated to playtesting games throughout the convention. All attendees of Breakout are welcome to bring their prototypes (at all stages of development) to the ProtoTO playtesting area and there will be ProtoTO reps there to help designers find playtesters for their games. Playtesting will be completely open and unstructured, the only rule is: give back. Meaning, aim to participate as a playtester in as many other designers' games as you require playtesters in your game. That is, if you need 5 playtesters to help you with your game, try to play 5 other designers' games before the event ends. Questions? Email