The War Room

Ever wanted to conquer Europe or feel that adrenaline rush when your space cruisers launch a hyperspace assault on your opponent’s unsuspecting star systems? Or perhaps you’d prefer something more tactical like leading your squads in an all-out effort to take the town from your enemy before nightfall? Well, now you can do that and plenty more in The War Room, Breakout’s newest board game Hall. This 24-hour space is dedicated for the play of the latest war game titles as well as those much loved games from yesteryear. We have loads of play space that will let you and your friends indulge in those monster-sized games that just can’t be set up and played to completion at home. To add to the excitement, tournaments are also in the works for both beginner and experienced level play!

The War Room will be located in the Civic North Hall on the 2nd Floor Convention area. For 2019, the Combat Commander tournament is scheduled to be held in this hall. Sign up for it in the Event Scheduler.

Whether it’s Ancients, the World Wars or Deep Space, The War Room is where it’s at for complete cardboard conflict and your chance for glory! (Bragging rights sold separately)

Enlist at the War Room today!

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