The Team

Executive Team

David Bloomberg


Boardgames, Exhibitors/Sponsors, Play to Win, Auction

Dave Bloomberg, co-owner of both Breakout & the Niagara Boardgaming Weekend, started gaming when he was 15 by being introduced to his first RPG; D&D – the Red Box edition. But his love of History and Politics led him to buy his first true wargame, Panzer Leader, and his passion for wargaming never ceased since that fateful day. Over the last 13 years, he co-founded the Toronto Area Boardgaming Society and has watched the Toronto board gaming scene grow into an incredible community of tabletop game enthusiasts. Now, if he could just find the time to play some of those 5000 counter wargame titles he owns, all still in shrink, he would really be happy!

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Kate Bullock
RPG, Guests, Volunteers, Panels, Mentorship, LARP, Prizing, Equal Play Initiative, Safety Ambassadors

Kate Bullock is a Canadian game designer, podcaster, community organizer, blogger, and has an affinity for wearing a lot of hats within gaming. She’s a co-host of the Gauntlet Podcast, and one of the organizers of Gauntlet Con. You can find her blog, Bluestocking’s Organic Gaming, filled with in depth analyses of the gaming community and what we can do to make it safer and more inclusive. Kate is a consultant for safety and inclusion in the RPG world, as well as a content editor for RPGs to ensure they meet industry standards around inclusion.

She’s also the president of the Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN), one of the main organizers of Toronto Area Gamers, and one of the forces behind Breakout Gaming Convention. You can find her game, Crossroads Carnival, at Magpie Games. You can also check out her work in The Veil: Cascade, Atlas Animalia, and Loving Fiercely. If you’re bored and want to get to know her, you can find her on Twitter as @bluestockingetc.

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Vicky Chin
Marketing, Media

Vicky is mostly known as a cosplayer and content creator under her online persona “Vickybunnyangel”, but board gaming is her refuge when she just wants to unplug and unwind. Regulars of 401 Games may recognize her face as one that used to be behind the counter, and the organizer of several community outreach initiatives like Board Game Designer Night, demo days, and International Tabletop Day. Her favorite games at the moment are Dinosaur Island, Spirit Island, Fog of Love, Roll Player, and Champions of Midgard.

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Rob Deobald
RPG, Website, Social Media

Rob Deobald is a community and convention organizer, podcaster, designer and tabletop game aficionado! He is an organizer for the Toronto Area Gamers community, and the conventions FanExpo Canada and Breakout. Rob loves games ranging from epics abundant with intense world building and cosmic weirdness to quiet, introspective games that are personal and try to punch you in the guts.

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Pete L.


Boardgames, Logistics & Operations

An avid gamer since youth, Pete’s interest in the hobby increased tremendously after being introduced, like so many, to D&D. Shortly thereafter, his passion for tabletop gaming grew as countless hours were spent with friends playing a variety of board gaming titles. Since co-founding the Toronto Area Boardgaming Society (TABS) in 2004, Pete has seen the board gaming community grow tremendously and flourish, and ultimately this led to a decision to establish a multi-day convention dedicated to tabletop gaming called Breakout, which he co-founded in 2016. Without question, his interaction with this expansive community of gaming enthusiasts and the many new friends that have come from it, has been one of his greatest pleasures, all the more so, on those occasions when he can find time to sit down, play and socialize with them.

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Christopher Ono
Boardgames, BG Hall Manager, Design, Signage, Megagame

Christopher Ono is an architectural designer and manager whose love of boardgames, graphic design and history has translated into a variety of activities within the table-top gaming community. He is founder and current organizer of the Canucks Amuck monthly wargaming meet-up, does freelance graphic art and scenario design work for game publishers and has been a member of the Toronto Area Boardgaming Society steering committee for eight years. He’s happiest socializing around a gaming table, learning new and innovative games and making little “pew-pew” and explosion noises when his cardboard and plastic minions make war.

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Rach Shelkey
RPG, Events Schedule, Forms, Indie Store, Volunteers

Rach Shelkey is a game designer, writer and podcaster living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her love of tabletop gaming comes from her lifelong fascination with experimental media and culture; strange and quirky indie games are her jam, although she also has a big soft spot for West End Games Star Wars. She co-hosts the podcast +1 Forward, where she discusses game systems that are Powered By The Apocalypse.

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Operations Team

Jo Fallak

Jo Fallak is a GM, player & co-host of The INVICTUS Stream, a weekly RPG live stream that emphasizes creative story telling, community involvement and participation. INVICTUS mixes ongoing, long-form campaigns with rules-light one-shots and employs a wide variety of game systems. She is also the community liason for Toronto Area Gamers’ Adventurers League, where she organizes league gaming for Toronto’s conventions (Fan Expo, Breakout Con) and public events. Jo is an avid reader, an enthusiastic cyclist, and devoted mom to her dog Louie.

Alexander Florov

Alexander Florov has been a member and organizer for the Toronto Area Gamers since 2010. He is creating role playing game adventures and comics through his blog Parts Included.

He enjoys playing games with medium-crunch like 13th Age and Mutants & Masterminds. But he’s known to play almost any game. He “holds the record for most games run in the Toronto Area Gamers Monthly Meetup 2014 and 2015. That’s got to count for something?

Bobby Gale

Bobby Gale is one of the organizers of Toronto Area Gamers. There they help with weekly offerings, operational activities, Breakout and FanExpo Canada. They have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for twenty-five years. They enjoy RPGs of all flavours, Board Games and LARPs.

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Amber Hines

A transplant from the east, Amber has been involved in gaming conventions from Fan Expo to Metatopia, and is excited to finally find herself at Breakout. As editor for Firestorm Ink and Saturday Morning Games, Amber has been helping to bring games to life, and is herself a regular participant in both GameChef and 200 Word rpg.

Karen Holah

Karen has played board and card games all her life. She figured she had found Nirvana when a friend told her that there were conventions for that!!! Since then, she has been demoing and teaching games any chance she gets. Karen can often be found at a demo table or running tournaments at local conventions. One of her favourite things is to get that game onto the table that someone has been avoiding because no one has taught them how to play it. Karen is in her happy place when she is surrounded by boards, cards, dice, meeples and players to share her passion with!

Shel Kahn

Shel Kahn loves RPGs! She illustrates and writes for tabletop RPGs, runs them for kids and teens at schools and museums, and mentors new GMs with nonprofit community space Dames Making Games. Kahn’s self-published adventures include Keep on the Shining Isle and The Corruption of Pelursk. In her spare time, Kahn also creates original comics and art, and runs The Sorcerer’s Catalogue, an online store of everyday esoterica. Learn more at!

Adam-Ali Kanji-Lalani

A community and convention organizer, Adam-Ali found tabletop gaming through a love for improvisation and a flair for the dramatic. Since starting off with chess and Monopoly all those years ago, his soft spot has veered into tabletop and live-action roleplay and whatever new thing he can try at least once. His current list of favourite games includes Urban Shadows, Dragon Age and DC Adventures. When not setting up events for the Toronto Area Gamers, or co-organizing gaming at Breakout and FanExpo Canada, Adam-Ali can be found exploring new games in the wild, reading good books and leading haunted ghost tours.

Daniel Kwan

Daniel Kwan is a Toronto-based museum professional, creative producer, GM for hire, game designer, and podcaster. His debut game, Zany Zoo, was released in 2018. His first major title, Ross Rifles, will launch on Kickstarter in later 2019. He currently co-hosts the Asians Represent! podcast with Agatha Cheng on the One Shot Podcast Network.

Alex Marion

Alex Marion is a community organizer at Toronto Area Gamers and a massive nerd, hailing from Toronto. Since moving to Canada from Ukraine, he’s helped with organization of FanExpo and Breakout, wrecked a (fictional) city playing Urban Shadows, and done community work for multiple organizations, such as Ontario Federation of Labour. In their spare time, they can be found making frankly ridiculous quantities of donuts, exploring the city and spreading rainbows.

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Clare Wall

Clare Wall is a posthuman and cyborg theorist, writer, DM, and artist. She is currently a PhD candidate completing her dissertation examining the intersections of posthumanism, technology, and the environment in contemporary science fiction. She has written content for The Veil: Cascade by Fraser Simons, where she contributed the introductory chapter “Defragging the Data Stream: A Cyberpunk Deconstruction” and co-wrote the Futurist playbook with Kate Bullock. Clare has been involved in D&D and GMing games since she was a teenager. She also volunteers her time in the local Toronto community as an Assistant Organizer with the Adventurers League D&D wing of Toronto Area Gamers.

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