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This event takes place on Saturday March 16th from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Mysterious and threatening aliens have arrived suddenly on Earth. The major nations of the Earth and the United Nations must decide how to react to their arrival – either to work together for mutual protection, adopt an isolationist policy, or perhaps even to welcome the new Reticulan overlords.

The Megagame concept brings dozens of players together in a shared, day-long gaming activity that combines face-to-face interactions as well as with game elements in a large shared space. In Watch the Skies, players must use diplomacy, economic savvy, and espionage to find the best path to victory.

Running a megagame at Breakout for the first time in 2019 gives us a exciting new way to play for up to 50 player-participants and 15 volunteer controllers.

Come experience a brand new way of gaming – the Megagame!

… and Watch the Skies!

Learn more about this event on the events page. Participants still need a regular Breakout pass, but this is a special event and to take part, they need to buy a pass which will cost $20.

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