Marlos Charity D&D Marathon!

Marlos is coming to Breakout Con! Join Downloadable Zebras for their yearly marathon D&D game to raise funds for Child’s Play Charity.

They will be running for 36 hours, starting at 12pm Friday, March 15th until Midnight Saturday, March 16th.

Get ready for a…

Safety Ambassadors

Breakout has Safety Ambassadors. Safety Ambassadors are present throughout the con and can be found by the neon arm band they’re wearing. These are people who are dedicated to ensuring that Breakout remain a safe and inclusive space. If you need…

How to Breakout 2019

Breakout 2019 is this week! Time to get hype!

I’m Rach, Breakout organizer and resident Breakout tour guide, here to talk about how to get the most out of your Breakout 2019 experience. New to Breakout? Long time Breakout vet? There’s great information for everyone here! This post will discuss…

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