Pete L.

Peter Lipson in front of a cinderblock wall

An avid gamer since youth, Pete’s interest in the hobby increased tremendously after being introduced, like so many, to D&D. Shortly thereafter, his passion for tabletop gaming grew as countless hours were spent with friends playing a variety of board gaming titles. Since co-founding the Toronto Area Boardgaming Society (TABS) in 2004, Pete has seen the board gaming community grow tremendously and flourish, and ultimately this led to a decision to establish a multi-day convention dedicated to tabletop gaming called Breakout, which he co-founded in 2016.

Without question, his interaction with this expansive community of gaming enthusiasts and the many new friends that have come from it, has been one of his greatest pleasures, all the more so, on those occasions when he can find time to sit down, play and socialize with them.