Industry Guest

Tanya Thompson


Tanya Thompson is a passionate gamer and is working at changing the world through play. She is happy to be doing her dream job as the Sr. Director of Inventor Relations and Innovation for Hasbro Games.

Amanda McKnight


Amanda McKnight (@VampX13) is a professional host and content creator (Top 10 Nerd, Renegade Game Studios). Outside of hosting, she also streams and plays TTRPGs professionally online (Roll for DAMEage, Order From D.I.S.O.R.D.E.R.). A Toronto-based actor, Amanda is known for her love of all things nerdy and as an established cosplay model.

Joan the Gamesmistress


Joan The Gamesmistress (she/her) has been teaching board games for years, and has been branching out into other media. She recently started a YouTube channel looking at the hobby from the perspective of a new hobbyist or someone looking to bring the hobby to friends for the first time, though it is relevant to anyone interested in games.

Billy Chandler


Billy Chandler (he/him) is one half of the podcast Into the Meepleverse (alongside Maggie Shanahan) with over 50 episodes released, and the presenter of the Twitch stream of the same name, on which he also features board game enthusiasts from around Toronto.

Andrew Valkauskas


Andrew Valkauskas is a Viking, father, husband, author, game-designer and publisher. His latest work, “Children of Eriu” is an RPG set in the Celtic lands and myths. Previously he researched, translated and wrote the much-acclaimed Norse mythology book “The Illuminated Edda”, a modern retelling of the classic Prose and Poetic Eddas. Andrew was also one of the authors behind “Creatures from Fairy-Tale and Myth”, is a book exploring the most iconic creatures from various European fairy-tales.

Andy Kim

Andy Kim

Andy Kim hails from right here in Canada in the GTA and has been designing games for almost 8 years and been playing them for much longer.  After a successful Kickstarter campaign, his game, “The Spill”, published by Smirk & Dagger Games, has been shipped to backers and store shelves this year.  When he’s not

Cecilia and Eric Hyland

Cecilia and Eric Hyland

Eric and Cecilia "CC" Hyland are an American game design duo who founded Tank & DPS, a game design/art commission side business, in November 2015. Their first major published title was "Fleecing Olympus" from Passport Game Studios in 2018 then Concrete Canoe Games published their game "Istanbul or Constantinople?" in 2019.