Download the Breakout 2018 Convention Program!

The Breakout 2018 Convention Program has arrived! This booklet includes all the pertinent information you need about Breakout, including our policies, our events and our sponsors, as well as four microgames by our industry guests:

  • Goodbye Friends, I’m Going to Space! by Ryan Macklin
  • I Love Robots by Camdon Wright
  • Threat…

How to Breakout 2018

Guest post by Rach Shelkey

Welcome to the 2018 edition of How to Breakout. Breakout is moving to a fancy new convention space this year, the Sheraton Centre Toronto, located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Our new home has lots of…

ProtoTO at Breakout!

Breakout has partnered with local tabletop game design convention, ProtoTO, to provide dedicated playtesting tables in Dominion Hall. All attendees of Breakout are welcome to bring their prototypes (at all stages of development) to the ProtoTO playtesting area throughout the…

The Breakout Indie Game Store!

Attention Breakout 2018 Attendees! The newest and hottest games by our guests will be available this weekend at the Breakout Indie Game Store!

The Breakout Indie Game Store is an on-site store selling select games by guests of Breakout 2018, conveniently located…

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