About Breakout, Hotel and Travel Information

About Breakout

Breakout has been the best place for tabletop gamers of all kinds to get their game on and hang out with their community since its inception three years ago. A team of gaming community leaders from across Toronto came together to create Breakout, a convention made by gamers for gamers. At our inaugural event in 2016, we kicked things off with a fantastic lineup of events, incredible guests, and opened our doors to the gaming community which showed its support by coming out and rolling dice with us.

Our convention continues to grow every year. Once again, we have some of the best gaming events in Toronto, including our huge Bring & Buy auction, an expansive boardgame library, exclusive Dungeons and Dragons modules, epic amounts of RPGs and much more. Every year, we try for new content, such as panels by industry insiders, games run by guest designers, and new game events like ‘Play to Win’ and larps. Whether you’re new to the scene, or a veteran player, Breakout has something new for you to try and old favourites to return to.

It has always been our goal to ensure that Breakout is a safe and inclusive space. We strive on providing a convention that is welcoming to gamers of all kinds, which has become a core value for our team and our community. We thank you, our amazing friends, volunteers, and of course, those of you who join us as convention-goers, for continuing to make Breakout one of the most successful, and inclusive gaming experiences Toronto has ever seen.

Sheraton Centre – Downtown Torontotop

Breakout 2018 is being held at the Sheraton Centre – Downtown Toronto. Plenty of space will be available for use all day and night for those who wish to game into the early hours.

Convention rates start at $179.00 plus taxes and fees for both standard Double or King rooms (single or double-rate).

There is plenty of parking available in downtown Toronto; the best rate near our convention is located across the street in the Green P parking garage below City Hall

To ensure that you get the Breakout convention rate, call the hotel at: 1-888-627-7175 or book your room online using the following link: https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/BC12AA

Be sure to use the Breakout 2018 Convention booking code BC12AA

Please note, the Sheraton Center – Downtown Toronto does not garuntee WiFi access in the convention spaces.

Transportation to and from Hotel

Lester B. Pearson International Airport
28 km / 17.4 miles east to hotel
By Train – Union Pearson Express:
$12.00 CAD
Taxi Charge (one way):
Time by Taxi:
45 minutes

Take Highway 401 East to Highway 427 South. Proceed onto Queen Elizabeth Way heading into downtown Toronto and then east to the Gardiner Expressway. Take the Jarvis Street Exit and turn left onto Jarvis. Turn Left onto Richmond Street East. Continue on Richmond Street for 3 blocks. The hotel is ahead on the right, just past Bay Street.

Station Name:
Union Station
0.3 km/0.19 miles north to the hotel

Short taxi ride to the hotel, or take the subway which is connected to the train station.

Subway Station Name:
Osgoode (west side) or Queen (east side)
0.2 km (Osgoode), 0.4 km (Queen) to the hotel

Exit either station and walk along Queen St. to the hotel, located between York St. and Bay St.

Driving Instructions


From the east: Take Highway 401 to Don Valley Parkway and head south. Take the exit for Richmond Street and travel west. The hotel is ahead on the right, just past Bay Street.

From the South: Take Queen Elizabeth Way to Gardiner Expressway. Take the Jarvis Street Exit and turn left onto Jarvis. Turn left onto Richmond Street East. Continue on Richmond Street for 3 blocks. The hotel is ahead on the right, just past Bay Street.

From the North: Take Highway 400 to Highway 401. Travel east to the Don Valley Parkway. Take the Richmond Street Exit and travel west. The hotel is ahead on the right, just past Bay Street.


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Hours of Operationtop

General Convention Hours

The convention runs between the following hours: Friday 9 AM – Sunday 6 PM

Registration Desk hours

The hours of the Registration Desk are:
8:30 AM – 8 PM
8 AM – 7 PM
8 AM – 2 PM

Exhibitor Hours

The Exhibitor hours are:
12 PM – 8 PM
9 AM – 8 PM
9 AM – 2 PM

Overnight Convention Hours

While the Dominion and Provincial halls will be closed at 11 pm, Breakout is offering 24-hr gaming by making available a hall that will be open all night for those who wish to game even into the early hours up to 6 AM. To manage this, anyone in the all-night hall past midnight must have a valid Breakout wristband pass from either the day before or for that current day. For example, if you have a Friday wristband pass, then you can play past midnight until 6 AM Saturday morning or if you have a Saturday wristband pass, then you could begin gaming in the all-night hall starting at 12:01 AM Saturday morning and technically continue gaming until 6 AM Sunday morning. Again, you must have a valid wristband pass to play. If you don’t have a wristband pass, then you will have to wait until the Registration desk opens before you can use the facilities provided by the Convention.


Dominion Hall– Boardgaming

9 AM – 11 PM
8 AM – 11 PM
8 AM – 6 PM

Please be mindful of the seating capacity of the hall, especially on Saturday. A single game requiring more than one table must be pre-approved with the organizers before setup based on availability. Some space may be set aside for organized play, but the majority of table space will be available for open gaming on a first come, first serve basis. To ensure the maximum number of available tables for general use, the convention organizers reserve the right to reclaim a table if it appears that a game has been abandoned.

Volunteers in the Boardgaming Hall will be on hand to provide assistance to attendees looking for a table to game at and to facilitate between those running games looking for additional players and for those looking to get into a game.

Provincial Hall– Roleplaying Games

10 AM – 11 PM
10 AM – 11 PM
10 AM – 6 PM

There are a ton of scheduled RPG events happening in this hall at Breakout! To reserve a spot in a game, speak to a volunteer at the Sign-Up Table. New games start every hour! Outside of the time reserved for scheduled RPG events, is Open Gaming; please check in with a volunteer at the Sign-Up Table to ensure a table is free before setting up.

Volunteers in the RPG hall are on hand to help get you signed up for an RPG you’re going to enjoy and get you seated at your table in as efficient manner as possible. If you have any questions about what RPGs are happening, when they are happening or how to reserve a spot, a volunteer will be nearby to help you out!

Civic Hall – Fantasy Flight Canadian National Championships

This is the main hall that will host most of the FFG tournament events starting from Saturday morning. For information on the locations of Friday’s events, see the details within the event itself when you register or contact the FFG tournament administrators at ffgnationals@breakoutcon.com.

City Hall – Tournaments, Special Events and 24-hour gaming

Many of the conventions tournaments and special events will be held in this hall. Specific info will be in the event itself when you register. This is also the main hall that will be open all night for those who wish to game into the early hours.

Churchill Room – Auction, Events

Some events will be located in this hall, but for the majority of Saturday, it will be the location of the Bring and Buy Auction. Starting Saturday night, it will also be available for all night gaming.

Elgin, Wentworth and Kenora Rooms – Fantasy Flight Nationals, Events

These three halls are largely allocated for the FFG Nationals though some additional non-FFG events will be held here in the evenings. Consult the event itself when you register for more information.

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