Breakout team is excited to announce our new dates

After careful consideration, the Breakout team is excited to announce our new dates for Breakout 2020. We will be hosting our event on October 30th - November 1st at our regular location, the Sheraton Downtown in the heart of Toronto. 

We are optimistic that by October, the health crisis of Covid-19 will have resolved and Canada will be recovering. While we continue to plan for October, we appreciate the uncertainty the future holds because of the pandemic, and will continue to monitor the evolving situation. If necessary, we will cancel the event, but seeing Canadians come together to face Covid-19 as a unified community has given us hope.

Currently we will be contacting all of our ticket buyers to inform them of the new date. Refunds continue to be available, but for those who will join us in October, your ticket will be waiting for you if you choose not to want a refund. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

The Team!