Marlos Charity D&D 5e Marathon!

Marlos Charity D&D 5e Marathon!
23 Feb, 2020

Marlos is a marathon D&D 5e game to raise funds for Child's Play Charity. It is free to play, but donations are welcomed. You can sign-up for a guaranteed seat, but at our core we are a humorous, story light drop-in drop-out game; you can play for 10 minutes or 8 hours, however long you want, whenever you want! Come check us out while you're waiting for your next game to start.

This year we will be exploring Tarlos' Tax-free Tactical Train. The danger is real, and non-deductible!

Characters are 8th level; bring your own, make one at the table, or use one of our pre-mades. For more information, visit

For scheduling purposes, the marathon will be scheduled as 9 4hr events, one right after the other, with a 12 person limit.

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