Zeenok's Space Bar and Grill hosting the Visceralia Cup at Breakout!

Mr. Zeenok is pleased to announce this year’s VISCERALIA CUP, the greatest gladiatorial challenge in the galaxy, will be held at Breakout on Saturday March 16th, 8pm - 10pm! And we are seeking hopeful contenders and enthusiastic audience members for a night of vibra-sonic auto-violence, simulated savagery and intergalactic glamour!

Zeenok’s Space Bar and Grill has been hosting “Toronto’s Wierdest Party” for years now, wild sci-fi costume interactive events where attendees pilot space whales, marry galactic aristocrats and rob high-tech safes. This year, Mr. Zeenok and his loyal staff have joined forces with the Breakout team to bring you something entirely new: a full-on gladiator tournament starring YOU and other attendees.

You can sign up to attend as one of our eight contenders and dazzle the crowd with your gladiatorial skills — no martial arts or athletics required! Or just come as a spectator and cheer your faction to victory! Plotting, scheming and COSMIC KUNG-FU will all be part of the fun as the factions square off in the ultimate test of wits and courage!

History will be made, glory earned and horrible deaths savoured.

Build your own costume ahead of time, or pick and choose from the goodies on hand: either way, Mr. Zeenok, his loyal staff, and the team at Breakout promise an evening like no other!

Don’t miss the VISCERALIA CUP 2019!

Learn more about Zeenok's Space Bar and Grill on their website. Sign ups for the Visceralia Cup will open soon!