Boardgames at Breakout!

The Boardgame Hall at Breakout is your go-to location for tabletop boardgaming, with over sixty five tables to play on, with seats for up to six players at each table. Most board games are run in a casual “pick-up” style, with no prior scheduling.

If you have a game but need more players, hold up a box-top and you will catch the attention of fellow gamers looking for games. Need to find a game? Look for people holding up box-tops or ask any of the roving board game hall volunteers, easily identified by their Breakout volunteer badge, and it will be their pleasure to help you find a game with open seats. If you’re having trouble attracting people to your game, ask a volunteer and they’ll do their best to help you out.

If you haven’t brought your own game or would like to try something new, speak to the volunteers at the hall admin desk and you can sign out a board game from our extensive Breakout Library. You can see the current titles in the library here. To sign out a game, ask a volunteer for the game you want, record your name, the game borrowed, when you are borrowing it, and provide a piece of identification with your name on it to the volunteer at the desk. Driver’s licenses, health cards, student IDs and credit cards are all accepted, with other collateral accepted on a case-by-case basis.

When you’re done playing, return the game to the admin desk and the volunteer will note the time of the return and will cross your name off the borrowing list after returning your identification.

This identification collateral system is new to this year’s Breakout 2019 convention and will allow players to take games out into other halls as well as for late night and overnight play.

Do you have special accessibility or accommodation requirements? One of Breakout’s main missions is inclusivity and providing a welcoming gaming space. All of our volunteers will be instructed in how to give you options which will give you maximum access and help you to feel welcome and included - just ask at the admin desk in the hall if you need assistance!

Our team’s goal is to help your boardgaming experience at Breakout be fun, comfortable and exciting.