Sean Gilgore will be a guest at Breakout 2018!

Sean Gilgore

Sean Gilgore is the Marketing Director and Guest Liaison for the Queen City Conquest. Buffalo, New York’s three day gaming convention. If he isn’t playing a game, he will want to talk to you about coming to Buffalo to play games and be a part of Queen City Conquest. He might also just want to brainstorm his next billion dollar idea, discuss creativity or where to get the best food in town.

Sean started off playing the classics; Chess, Poker and Backgammon at the age of 3 under his dads tutelage. He has always been active in the hobbies of both board and role playing games. Being a huge James Bond fan he started by playing Top Secret and moved on to games like Paranoia, T.M.N.T., Price Of Freedom and Vampire. Now it is all P.B.T.A and Fate gaming with his current groups.

His works include being part of the Comic Images playtest for the WWE RPG; Know Your Role and his own Fiasco adventure based in Buffalo N.Y. Called Hot Sauce, Blue Cheese and Canadian Beer.

Sean will be running World Wide Wrestling with a twist, the Real Housewives of Toronto. AKA World Wife Wrestling during Breakout.

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