Senda Linaugh will be a guest at Breakout 2018!

Senda Linaugh

Senda Linaugh is known for her un-spellable twitter handle and contagious giggle.

She is one half of She’s a Super Geek, the actual play podcast highlighting women as GMs; and one half of Panda’s Talking Games, where she and gaming mogul Phil Vecchione tackle GMing advice for one shots and campaigns. Add those together and she is one whole podcaster!

Senda has published her first game with Encoded Designs, Love and Justice, and is working on Cheese Drift, as well as co-authoring Turning Point, a collaborative game of difficult life decisions, and developing for the upcoming Hydro Hacker Operatives. Senda is also a staff gnome (writer) at Gnome Stew.

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