Steve Tassie will be a guest at Breakout 2018!

Steve Tassie

Steve Tassie has been many things over the years: actor, comedian, high school teacher, Origins-nominated game designer, video game designer, soda jerk, and port-a-potty valet. Currently, Steve is an attempted novelist, occasional podcaster, blogger, and the Curator and Head Game Guru at Snakes & Lattes Board Game Cafes. Steve has been a player of all kinds of board, card, & roleplaying games since he was a small boy. Now that he’s a large boy, his taste in games run toward light-medium weight Euros, thematic Ameritrash games that focus on story over strategy, and dexterity games. The only thing he likes more than talking about games is playing them, so if you see him wondering around, have a chat or invite him to play a game. If you’re on the Twitters, he is @RealSteveTassie and you can totally follow him. You can read his blog, Curator’s Cuts, at

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