Joshua Kitz will be a guest at Breakout 2018!

Joshua Kitz

Joshua Kitz is the villainous mastermind behind Simple Superheroes #0, a sandbox system that let’s you create any hero and superpower you can imagine. He believes that the greatest strength of RPGs is individuals combining their creativity. He has two other games currently with free alpha versions: Reality Warp a narrative game of protagonists discovering their ability to alter reality, and Dungeon Unleashed a fantasy game using the Unleashed engine that powers Simple Superheroes.

He also designs interactive mystery experiences for the international touring theatre company Live History, a group that puts on site specific historical productions where audience members must work together with the actors to unravel clues in historical venues.

Joshua runs the CDG Marketplace, a webstore geared towards the Canadian market. Many of his fellow game designer guests’ games are available from The marketplace sells both digital and physical copies, has a PDF guarantee, and actively seeks to work with and support Canadian FLGS and game designers.

Joshua is also a co-host on the Ottawa Game Publishers’ Podcast.

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