Derek Chung will be a guest at Breakout 2018!

Derek Chung

Derek Chung is the Evil Overlord of Nomnivore Games, a development company based out of Ontario, Canada. Derek is currently the developer of a game marrying the aesthetics of top-shelf illustration, the excitement of video games, and the storytelling of RPGs into a new tabletop system. Focusing on gorgeous art and a flexible, intuitive rules system, the project, codenamed RISE, will begin rolling out to playtesters in February 2018, and is slated for full release in August 2018.

Derek got into game development the usual way: a steady diet of geek media and anime, a hatred of sleep, and an interest in co-operative storytelling. His background in psychotherapy reinforced his love of shared worlds and experiences. Derek lives in Ontario, where he is fueled by equal parts caffeine and beer. You can reach Derek at

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