Bronwyn Friesen will be a guest at Breakout 2018!

Bronwyn Friesen

Meet Bronwyn Friesen, an excited and passionate person from Hamilton, Ontario, who loves designing small games. Some of their faves:

  • The Crash: a larp about the moment between life and afterlife.
  • Baby Blues: a solo blogging experience meditating on the intersections of queerness, polyamory, and the desire to raise a child.
  • First Look: an intimate game for two about how we experience love at first sight and the first moments of affection

Though Bronwyn designs games, they feel it’s important to reject the term “game designer” because they believe that not only can anyone do this wonderful thing, but that term also fails to recognize the myriad other ways of contributing to our cultures of games and play. And yes, they’ll talk about this topic at length. Outside of games, Bronwyn has a stable yoga practice and loves to cook. They’re a loving parent of two, and learning better how to do that every day.

Bronwyn is always open to contact either on Facebook or Google+ (as Bronwyn Sperling).

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