Jenn Martin will be a guest at Breakout 2018!

Jenn Martin

Jenn Martin is mostly harmless. A member of the Chicago-based gaming podcast The Jank Cast, she enjoys play-by-post, LARP, video and tabletop RPG games. Currently, she’s working on Manic Pixie Dream Girls Anonymous, a LARP about a bullshit trope and Autumn of the Ancients, a sci-fi hack of Fall of Magic (with Adam Robichaud). Winner of the 2017 Golden Cobra “Game that gives us the most hope” award (with Todd N.) She designed the Angel archetype for Urban Shadows just to watch them fall, and the Joined playbook for Masks to play on her real life twin feels. By day, a former cog in the capitalist machine. By night, game designer, writer, geek parent, and part fae (allegedly).

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