Matthew McFarland will be a guest at Breakout 2018! Matt’s new project Undead – A sourcebook for Chill 3rd Edition is on Kickstarter now! Be sure to check out the Breakout specific “Regional Coordinator: Toronto” reward tier!

Matthew McFarland

Matthew McFarland, known in some internet circles as BlackHat Matt, has been writing games professionally for nearly 20 years, which is a sobering thought. He co-owns Growling Door Games (with Michelle Lyons-McFarland), and publishes the post-apocalyptic RPG curse the darkness, Shakespeare emulator A Tragedy in Five Acts, and the new edition of the class horror RPG Chill. Matt also works as a freelance writer and developer, and recently helmed the 20th anniversary edition of Changeling: The Dreaming for Onyx Path Publishing.

Learn more about Matt at his website

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