Maury Brown will be a guest at Breakout 2018! Maury’s new game New World Magischola House Rivalry is on Kickstarter now!

Maury Brown

Maury Brown is the President and co-founder of Learn Larp, LLC and Snow Dragon Games and the lead designer and organizer of the blockbuster larp New World Magischola, which more than 1,000 people have participated in since it opened in 2016. She’s the designer of A Wolf By Any Other Name, a modular larp-in-a-box that can have between 6 and 25 players, and one of the writers of the Compendium of North American Cryptids and Magical Creatures, a book of creatures based on North American folklore as well as original lore. Brown is also the designer of Immerton, a new fantasy world and 4-day immersive larp experience by and for women, and the publisher and co-developer of the new wizard school adventure board game, New World Magischola House Rivalry. She has spoken at conventions and conferences worldwide about inclusive and differentiated larp design; player-centered design; missing stairs, harassment, and community management in gaming communities; safety coordination, conduct policies, and emotional labor in gaming communities; safety and calibration techniques for larps and RPGs; and inclusive design principles for game design and play. She is also a roleplay studies scholar and has published work on building empathy through gaming, trauma triggers and their effect on play, gender in larps, and feminist and queer game design. She firmly believes in the power of roleplay to change lives and improve the world, and designs and publishes games that bring people together and challenge oppressive norms.

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