Jacqueline Bryk will be a guest at Breakout 2018! Check out her work at Damocles Thread Development on Patreon.

Jacqueline Bryk

Jacqueline “Jax” Bryk is a freelance writer and game designer from Delaware. Though she’s only 24, she’s no stranger to the industry, having won the Golden Cobra Award for Most Convention-Ready Design and being a featured guest at BreakoutCon 2017. Apart from Growling Door Games, Jacqueline has written for Onyx Path Publishing, Helmgast AB, Galileo Games, and Damocles Thread Development.

In her spare time, she likes to yell at games like Civilization V and Crusader Kings II, model for photographers and visual artists, avoid arguments about politics, and attempt recipes she saw on Iron Chef America once.

You can subscribe to her monthly serial novel about magical queer anarchists at Damocles Thread Development on Patreon.

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