Jason Pitre is a game designer and professional ecologist from the wilds of Canada.

Jason Pitre photoHe runs the RPG Design PanelCast, sharing information on roleplaying game design and publishing.
Jason is a designer behind the Spark Roleplaying Game (2013), the ENnie-award-winning Posthuman Pathways (2014), and Sig: The City Between (2015). He has also done freelance work for Pelgrane Press, Evil Hat Productions, Dangerous Games, Greenhat Designs, and Metal Weave Games. He designs games about social commentary, philosophy, and messy emotional situations.
When he isn’t designing games or reading up on polar bears, he roasts ‘n brews a mean cup of coffee.

Notable Game Titles
A Spark in Fate Core
The Enlightened Man
Posthuman Pathways

Genesis of Legend Publishing

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