Jason Pitre of Genesis of Legend publishing recorded these panels at Breakout 2017 and released them on the RPG Design Panelcast.

Thank you Jason for making these great discussions available to a wider audience!

Episode 111 – Being a Great Player

Presented by Emily Griggs, Jason Pitre, Moyra Turkington and Chris Chung, moderated by Corey Reid.

A great GM can only craft an amazing tabletop RPG experience with the help of great players. A discussion of how to be one of those players, improving the at-table experience for both yourself and everyone else. Includes discussions on roleplaying technique, communal storytelling, and how experienced players can help welcome new players into the hobby.

Episode 112 – Getting Kids into Games

Presented by Daniel Kwan, Rachel Kahn, Sean Munro and moderator Pieter van Hiel

We love role-playing games! Regardless of the game system, the storytelling, dice rolling, teamwork, and creative thinking involved in all tabletop RPGs have had a profound impact on our lives. But how do you introduce families and children to the imagination, storytelling, empowerment, and cooperation involved in gaming? Find out how to lay the groundwork for future, more complicated RPG sessions with your kids and family!

Episode 113 – Art in Games

Presented by Rachel Kahn, Anna Kreider, Emily Griggs, and moderator Cory Reid

Demystifying the process of how art gets created for games — how to get commissions, how the process works, and what art can do for a game besides look great! The art that surrounds a game greatly influences how the game gets played, and inspires the players at the table. Join Anna Kreider, Rachel Kahn and Emily Griggs as they discuss the role of art in gaming.

Episode 114 – GM Troubleshooting

Presented by Robin Laws, Matt McFarland, Anna Kreider and moderator Fraser Ronald.

Solve your toughest GMing problems with the aid of our masterful panelists. Discussing the challenges of the game master’s life.

Episode 115 – Sex in Games

Presented by Moyra Turkington, Jacqueline Bryk, Alex Roberts, and moderator Emily Griggs.

From the Ramayana to Romeo and Juliet, love and passion are at the heart of some of the most timeless stories ever told. So, how do we explore these themes in roleplaying games? How do we as players and GMs help each other have fun and stay safe? What systems bring sex and romance to the forefront? What’s that thing larpers are doing with their hands? Your panelists will answer all these questions, and many more.

Episode 116 – Creating Horror in Games

Presented by Michelle Lyons-McFarland, Jonathan Gilmour, and moderator Jacqueline Bryk,

Like ghosties, ghoulies, long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night? Join us for a panel on how to incorporate gothic horror tropes into your project or campaign!

Episode 117 – What’s up in Tabletop Games?

Presented by Michelle Lyons-McFarland, Jonathan Gilmour, Robin D. Laws, Eric Lang, and moderator Jonathan Lavallee.

Bombard our panelists with questions about tabletop gaming and the many directions it’s headed in.

Episode 118 – Breaking into Board Games

Presented by Pam Walls, Tim Brown, Eric Lang, Sen-Foong Lim, and moderated by Daryl Andrews.

Want to design a board game? Have no idea how to get into the industry? Join our wonderful set of panelists to talk about how to enter the board game design world, do some playtesting, and get your game published.

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