Watch the Skies – The Megagame of Alien Terror

Mysterious and threatening aliens have arrived suddenly on Earth. The major nations of the Earth and the United Nations must decide how to react to their arrival – either to work together for mutual protection, adopt an isolationist policy, or perhaps even to welcome the new Reticulan overlords.

The Megagame concept brings dozens of players together in a shared, day-long gaming activity that combines face-to-face interactions as well as with game elements in a large shared space. In Watch the Skies, players must use diplomacy, economic savvy, and espionage to find the best path to victory.

The Alien faction may use the nefarious and terrifying tactics of abductions, cattle mutilations, probes, infiltration, probes and terror raids to throw the Earthlings off balance and subvert their control, perhaps paving the way to a full invasion.

The nations of earth must cope with both internal and external threats, extraterrestrial and mundane. Alien spacecraft and their crews can be captured and their technology used to get an economic edge, develop defences and create new countermeasures to the alien plans. Humans can elect to co-operate with each other, build new bases, share exotic Alien tech, or adopt an less altruistic approach. Resources must be allocated, new doctrines developed, policies made and at the heart of every critical decision, diplomacy cannot be ignored. Huddle over tables, stay on your feet, give impassioned speeches from the General Assembly of the United Nations – how you spend your eight hours is up to you!

The plot of each game of Watch the Skies may vary. The Aliens may have different goals from one game to the next. The metagame of how to deal with the personalities of players representing each country also factors into megagame play. Emergent gameplay enters into almost every iteration of Watch the Skies.

Running a megagame at Breakout for the first time in 2019 gives us a exciting new way to play for up to 40 player-participants and 5 volunteer controllers.

This event takes place on Saturday March 16th from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Come experience a brand new way of gaming – the Megagame! Purchase your ticket now! Participants require a Breakout pass in addition to the megagame ticket to participate.

… and Watch the Skies!

To volunteer to help run this event, or for more information, please contact Chris Ono at

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