Equal Play Initiative

The Equal Play Initiative was born out of the firm belief that all gamers deserve a safe, inclusive, and welcoming game environment to play in. The Initiative is an effort by the wider gaming community, including companies and corporations as well as independent designers to create a convention space that keeps all of its gamers in mind and provides opportunities for increased diversity and safety within the convention space.

Breakout began the Equal Play Initiative last year, gathering funding and support from partners to help bring amazing people and tools to our convention. With several amazing sponsors, we were able to provide pronoun stickers, a booth to Toronto Gaymers, and help bring our incredible Guests of Honour to Breakout!

This year, we are hoping to raise enough funds to continue our amazing goals, by continuing with the pronoun stickers, once again providing a space to Toronto Gaymers, bringing a diverse voice to Breakout, and finally, to provide a Quiet Room in the convention space.

You can donate to the Equal Play Initiative, using the form below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kate Bullock at kate@breakoutcon.com.

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