Omari Akari joins Breakout 2023 as a Guest of Honour!

Omari Akil is seated comfortably, with arms crossed, looking away from the camera

Omari Akil

Board game designer, streamer, musician and co-founder of Colorway Gamelabs

Omari Akil (he/they) is a crop-top wearing game designer, publisher, music artist, streamer who broke into the industry with a hip-hop career building strategy board game called Rap Godz. He and his brother Hamu co-founded Colorway Game Labs to continue the important work of publishing games independently that focus on black experiences and culture. Omari more recently unleashed his musical talents by crafting original hip hop and dance music inspired by tabletop games and his life as it relates to them. You will be able to find three new games designed by Omari in stores and online in 2023 (Hoop Godz; Critical Care; Marvel: Damage Control)...and maybe an album.