Breakout 2020 Mentorship Program

Breakout 2020
28 Jan, 2020

Join us for this year's Mentorship Program! In partnership with Deep Water Games, we're expanding the Mentorship Program to be bigger and better! This year, we have two separate events, one for Board and Card games, and one for Role Playing Games! We will be taking 20 new mentees for the Board and Card game program, and 5 mentees for Role Playing Games.

Due to the generosity of Deep Water Games, there is no need to purchase a ticket. Simply fill out the application form to apply to attend. The program organizers will review all of the applicants and choose the new mentees for the program. We're excited to meet 25 new designers this year!

Applications will stay open until February 7th and the winners will be notified by February 14th!

Apply for the Breakout 2020 Roleplaying Game Mentorship Program here

Apply for the Breakout 2020 Board Game Mentorship Program here

The Mentorship program takes place on Friday March 20th only.