Welcome to Breakout 2020

Gamers sitting around a table playing a boardgaming
12 Nov, 2019

Welcome to Breakout 2020, our fifth and most exciting event yet!   We can’t wait to have you with us, enjoying a full weekend of awesome tabletop gaming, organized by gamers for gamers.  We’ve been working hard to develop more activities and events than previously held at Breakout;  an expanded Exhibitor Hall, an incredible new Family-Friendly range of games in its own dedicated game space as well as a vast range of gaming events in Toronto, including our huge Bring & Buy, an expansive games library, exclusive RPG content and epic amounts of RPGs for you to experience.  We’re also bringing back some very popular events such as panels by industry insiders, games run by guest designers, Play To Win for both adults and kids, larps, Mentorship programs and the Mega-Game. Whether you’re new to the scene, a veteran, or casual player, Breakout has something new for you to try and old favourites to return to.

Most importantly, our continued goal remains to make Breakout a safe and inclusive space for all attendees, guests and exhibitors.  We strive on ensuring our convention is welcoming to all gamers of all kinds, and it has become a core value for our team and our community. We thank you, our amazing friends, volunteers, and of course, those of you who join us as convention goers, for continuing to make Breakout one of the most successful, awesome, and inclusive gaming experiences Toronto has ever seen.

So grab your lucky dice and join your friends for an incredible gaming experience that can only be found at Breakout 2020!

Your Breakout 2020 Executive Team