Announcing John Butterfield as a Breakout 2019 Guest of Honour!

John Butterfield will be attending Breakout 2019 as a Guest of Honour!

John Butterfield

Upon graduating Parsons School of Design in New York City, John worked as an illustrator and animator until discovering that he might make a living from his lifelong passion for board games. Starting at SPI in 1978, he developed Battles for the Ardennes, Battle for Stalingradand Fifth Corps; co-designed Freedom in the Galaxy, and then designed Voyage of the Pandora, Dawn of the Dead and Battle over Britain. Upon the demise of SPI he joined Victory Games to co-design Ambush! and design Hell’s Highway.

A long break from board games followed, during which John designed the first online fantasy baseball game, Baseball Manager for Prodigy Services, and for several years applied his game design skills to interactive exhibits and software for museums.

In 2008 John returned to board game design with D-Day at Omaha Beach, followed by RAF: The Battle of Britain, D-Day at Tarawa, Enemy Action: Ardennes, D-Day at Peleliu, and WWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge – the iOS game and the forthcoming board game. 2018 saw the publication of SpaceCorp, John’s first game for one to four players. Currently, he is designing Enemy Action: Kharkov, expansions for SpaceCorp and another volume in the WWII Commander series. During the day, John works for Facebook as a UX design lead.