Announcing Chris Spivey as a Breakout 2019 Guest of Honour!

Chris Spivey will be attending Breakout 2019 as a Guest of Honour!

Chris Spivey

Chris Spivey writes and develops role-playing games, bringing to it his decades-old love of gaming, horror, and history, and a mission to create a more inclusive gaming world. His groundbreaking and critically acclaimed game Harlem Unbound won 3 Gold Ennies and the IGDN Groundbreaker award. Some of his other contributions can be found in Cthulhu Confidential, 7th Sea: Land of Fire and Gold, Geist 2nd Edition, Trail of Cthulhu: Out of the Woods and Thousand Years of Night. Future work includes Harlem Unbound Second Edition, City of Mist, a modern-day superhero Pulp Cthulhu campaign and he is the Line Developer for a new RPG science fiction line for Chaosium.