Proto T.O. at Breakout!

Breakout has partnered with local tabletop game design convention, ProtoTO, to provide dedicated playtesting tables where designers can test their prototypes throughout the event. All attendees of Breakout are welcome to bring prototypes (at all stages of development) to the ProtoTO playtesting area. No additional fee or registration required.

Playtesting at Breakout is open and unstructured. ProtoTO reps will be there to help designers find playtesters for their games, however the best approach is to volunteer to play other designers' games first. It's all about giving back and being part of the community. Please do not come to the playtesting area, set up your game and park yourself there for the entire weekend. Designers should aim to playtest as many designers' games as they require playtesters for their game. Meaning, if a designer needs five playtesters for their game, they should playtest at least five other designers' games before the event ends.

Questions? Email Pam Walls, board game designer and founder of ProtoTO, at: