Bianca Zelda, Tracy Gibbons and Victoria Rogers will be attending Breakout 2019!

Bianca Zelda

Bianca Zelda (She/They) is a podcaster for fun. They play the character M├ępris on the Broadswords; an inclusive all-women Dungeons and Dragons podcast on the Oneshot network. Living in Ontario Canada with her husband and two cats and two dogs, she spends her free time doing yoga, listening to audiobooks, playing online games and running various TTRPGs online and in person.

Tracy Gibbons

Tracy (She/Her) is new to the podcasting and RPGing worlds, playing the character Keilah on The Broadswords, an inclusive all-woman actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast on the One Shot Network. She also GMs a Mass Effect Fate Core stream for patrons. She hails from Toronto, Ontario, where she lives with her boyfriend, dog, and two cats. Tracy also enjoys horseback riding, skiing, cars, and powerlifting.

Victoria Rogers

Victoria (She/Her) is the Dungeon Master and producer of The Broadswords, an all-women Dungeons and Dragons podcast on the One Shot Podcast Network. She was the coordinator for the Wizards of the Coast’s Podcasts of Foes and Podcasts of Waterdeep events with a few other new projects on the go. With a theatre and classical voice background, Victoria has a love of the dramatic and weaves that love into all of her projects.

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